Frequently asked questions

Energy Insight

How reliable are the readings shown on the display?

The metering module used for reading the energy consumption is directly connected to the incoming powerline of the home. It measures the total consumption running over the electricity connection. Therefore, quantities and current usage shown are very accurate. When in doubt, this can be checked by taking the meter readings at a specific time of day for a few days. Compare these to the usages shown in the day graphs of the display. These usages should match up.

The usage on the display seems incorrect, how can this be fixed?

If it seems like the visible usage is incorrect, it is possible to check this by writing down the meter readings for a specific moment in the day for a few days. For instance, write down the meter reading from the meter at 8 in the morning and do the same the next day. Using the electricity graph, compare the registered usage to the usage which was written down from the meter. This will help you determine if the usage shown is correct. If it is incorrect, please contact Toon Support provided by your energy company.


Is it possible to change the four presets (home, away, sleeping, comfort)?

The heating schedule has four slots that can be changed. They have been given names to make it easier and more intuitive to create a heating schedule. The names of the settings cannot be changed, but the temperatures can. To do this go to Menu > Temperature.

What is causing the boiler to heat before the programed desired settings?

Toon’s programs are set to have the home at the desired temperatures at the noted time. In order for this to be possible, the boiler must start pre-heating the home before the set time. If the temperature should reach 20 degrees by 21:00h, Tooon will start heating in advance to make sure the temperature has reached 20 degrees by that time.

Why do I still hear my boiler turn on at night when I turn my heating down at night?

  • During the night, the temperature in the home can drop significantly during the cold season. Even though the set-point on the thermostat has been lowered, the temperature inside the home can be decreasing at a fast pace. Toon can calculate the temperature dropping below the set-point, the thermostat will then send a heating signal to the boiler to maintain the set temperature.
  • The programmed heating schedule can also be the cause. If there is a programmed set-point for 7 in the morning of 20 degrees, Toon will start preheating to reach the desired set-point for the preset time. This means that the boiler could start heating the home even when you are still asleep, to get the home to the right temperature based on the program for when you wake up.

The temperature readings on the display seem to be incorrect. How can this be fixed?

The temperature measurements on the display might be different to the ones of the old thermostat. Different manufacturers use different sensors. The sensor in Toon has undergone rigorous testing; it is one of the most accurate on the market. However, if you feel that the measurement is off you can enter a temperature measuremnet correction. This can be done by selecting Menu> Settings> Heating (on the left side of the screen)> Temperature measuremnt correction. The initial value is 0.0, since there is no correction present. You can configure the temperature setting by using the arrow keys to increase or decrease the measured temperature.

I am experiencing overshoots. How can this be fixed?

Overshoots can occur for a few different reasons:

  • First, it is important to look at the height of the overshoot. How far away is the temperature from the desired set-point? If this is within one degree of the desired temperature, then this is considered acceptable.
  • Second, it is important to determine if the thermostat is still in its initial learning period. After a program has been set up, the learning period begins. The learning period lasts approximately 10 days. During this time Toon and its heating algorithm are calibrating and learning the characteristics of the home. This could cause small over and/or undershoots. This will stabilize after the learning period is over.
  • Third, rapid changes in room temperature can have a negative effect on the heating behavior of the Toon. If for instance, someone opens a window when it is cold out, the inside temperature will drop significantly within a short amount of time. Toon has already learned how long it takes the home to cool off normally. When the temperature drops at faster rates, Toon assumes this is happening because of how cold the outside temperature is. Toon also assumes that the temperature will continue to decrease with the same intensity. For example, when the temperature drops from 20 to 18 within a short period of time, Toon will notice the change and start working to keep the desired set point of 20 degrees. This means that a heating signal is sent to the boiler to heat the home and to stop the temperature decrease. Meaning that the room will be heated at full capacity. This can also lead to an overshoot.

What is OpenTherm?

OpenThem is a modulating protocol for boiler control. In other words, it is the language that is being used between the thermostat and the boiler. This specific type (OpenTherm) allows for more efficient control and communication options. A boiler that functions with a modulating protocol is kept in condensation mode meaning that the boiler does not turn completely off. When the boiler is not completely turned off less energy is being needed to heat the home than with traditional operating protocols. If the difference between the current temperature and the desired set-point is only 1 degree, the boiler will not run at full capacity. Instead it will work on a lower intesity to use less gas and still reach the desired temperature. This allows for more efficient control of the boiler.

The boiler modulates but does not have opentherm compatibility, does this mean the energy consumption will be higher after the Toon is installed?

If a boiler is capable to function through a modulating protocol, but does not support OpenTherm, in some cases a converter unit is possible at your own expense. These can be installed through a boiler contractor. The converters can be expensive and not recommended by Toon. Due to the adaptive algorithm used by Toon, On/Off protocol is also very efficient. The learning capabilities of Toon provide a basis to cut down the heating times and reduce the energy consumption even when using On/Off protocol. This ensures that you are not left with increased heating expenses from the loss of a modulation functionality.

Why do the radiators heat up when using the hot tap-water from the combi-boiler ?

If the hot water from the tap is being used and the radiators are heating up simultaneously this is potentially a problem that lies in the functionality of the boiler valve. It is advised to contact your boiler contractor. To determine if this is the problem, you can perform the following test yourself. First, lower the set-point on the thermostat to make sure the thermostat isn’t sending a heating signal to the boiler. Then, run the hot tap water in the bathroom. Next, check if the radiators are getting warmer. If the radiators are heating up this means that there is a problem with the boiler valve. Please note that the temperature increase can take up to an hour.

What is causing there to be a heating signal visible on the display when there is no change in the temperature settings or an oncoming set-point change?

For the first ten days of a program being set up, Toon is learning your home through calculating advanced algorithms. It is testing the home to see how long it takes to cool off and at what rate the home needs to be heated in order to maintain the pre-selected temperature. If the home is rapidly cooling down, the adaptive algorithm will calculate the speed of the decreasing temperature. This will start the heating before the temperature gets below set-point. It does this to stabilize the temperature as soon as possible. The use of an adaptive heating algorithm means that you experience controlled comfort and a more efficient heating system.

Mobile App

How do I use the mobile app to control my Toon?

To be able to control Toon through your mobile phone you first need to download the Toon app. To do this please follow the mobile app manual in the “Feature manuals” section. You will need the display code and the customer number. After installing the application, you can use these to log into the app.

Upon opening the app, you will see the thermostat panel. This panel corresponds with the panel on your display. You will be able to change the temperature on the go, by using the plus and minus keys or the four temperature presets.

With the mobile app, you will also be able to see a usage tile for electricity, this tile helps you monitor your electricity usage on the go. If you have an On/ Off boiler you will see a tile specifying how long your heating boiler has been on.

Extra functionalities include the possibility to operate your smart plugs and hue lights from the app.

I get an unknown source error when I try to download the app to my phone. How do I fix this?

Please follow the directions in the mobile app manual, which is found under the “Featured manuals” section. In the manual, there is a section for either Android or Apple versions which has directions on how to allow the Toon app to work on your phone.

Is my mobile phone suited for the Toon mobile app?

Toon's mobile app requires Android version 5.0 and up or IOS 9.3.5 and up. The app can be installed on an unlimited amount of devices. It is important to note that a maximum five devices can be logged in at the same time.


How do I connect Toon to the internet?

To connect Toon to the internet, select Menu. This is in the top left corner of the display next to the word Toon. Once in the Menu screen, select Settings and then Internet (on the left side of the screen). Next, click the pencil icon under “Wireless network”. Check the “Available wireless networks” for your home network.

There are a few settings in the router that can affect the stability of the internet connection to Toon.

  • Signal frequency: most modern routers can transmit their signal on two different frequencies, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Toon needs a 2.4 Ghz frequency band to connect with the internet. The signal frequency being used by the router can be found in the router settings. Consult the router manual for instructions on how to change the frequency band or contact your internet provider for support.

  • There are routers which refresh their connections to all devices regularly. This means that the router will reassign a new IP-address to all connected devices. When this happens, Toon can sometimes keep on searching for the previous IP-address received. This makes Toon unable to find and connect to the correct network. This can be solved by assigning a fixed IP-address to Toon. You can assign a fixed IP to a device by accessing your router’s settings or contacting your internet provider for support.

Smart Plugs

How do smart plugs work?

Smart plugs allow you to monitor the usage of individual devices within the home. Using Toon and the Toon mobile app it is possible to control the smart plugs to turn them on and off. *Note that the Plugs have a maximum capacity of 2500 Watt. If the usage on the plug surpasses the 2500 Watt maximum the plug will automatically turn off but will be damaged.

How do I connect a smart plug to the display?

Please follow the smart plug manual the “Feature manuals” section. Make sure the manual corresponds to the smart plug you have. (Fibaro or Aeotec)

What do the different colours on the smart plug mean?

On the smart plugs, there is an LED-ring that shows how much power is going over the plug. It show’s a usage range based on a colour-scheme.

  • Blue LED: 0 to 150 watts
  • Green LED: 150 to400 watts
  • Yellow LED: 400 to 1000 watts
  • Orange LED: 1000 to 1800 watts
  • Red LED: 1800 to 2500 watts
  • Purple LED: 2500 watts

How much electricity usage does the smart plug itself use?

The Smart plus itself uses a maximum of 0.8Watts an hour.

Why is my LED ring not turning on?

If the LED ring isn’t lighting up, there is a fair chance that the plug has been switched off. Press the small round button on the plug once to turn it on again. Now it should show an LED status. If the smart plug is working but the LED light does not turn on it means that the light was turned off hold the button for 4 seconds then press the button once. If this does not work the Plug may also be broken.

Can I turn off the LED ring?

Press the round button on the smart plug and hold for four seconds until the ring is blinking white. Now release and press the same button again, this time only once. Now the plug is still active, but doesn’t show it’s LED status. To reverse this, follow the same steps again to reactivate the LED-ring.

What is the maximum range of a smart plug?

The maximum range varies between households, on average this is around 15 meters. However, different building materials and wiring in the home can influence the maximum range of the smart plug’s signal and communication with the display. Dependent on the lay-out and technical specs of the home, the range can be larger or smaller.

Is there some form of child-security for the smart plug?

In the smart plug packaging, you’ll find a fixation sticker. This can be used to fixate the smart plug to the power outlet to prevent children from pulling it out.